Friday, January 23, 2009

Dominick's 10 Favorite Products at the Builders Show

Dominick returned from the Builders Show today with a fresh perspective on the new national trends and with a mountain of product brochures and pamphlets that he met with vendors and tradespeople about on the show floor.

Inside that mountain, there were a few building products that Dominick thought stood apart from the rest in appearance, energy efficiency, or simplicity of installation - and here they are:

1. Quattro Corbel - Pre-engineered, appearance grade, easy-to-install wooden corbels add architectural detail and authenticity to exterior elevations.

2. Loyal Iron Doors - Nice looking door with a one-price package system that includes everything needed for installation.

3. AgileWaves - An in home system that monitors the use of environmental resources and calculates monthly energy costs.

4. Escea Outdoor Fireplace - Gas outdoor fireplaces with a sleek, modern look.

5. Rehmeyer Wood Floors - Wood floor planks that come with a variety of finishes and edges. Styles such as 'Old Trail, Frontier, and Pioneer' come with metal pegs that give the appearance of a century old wood floor.

6. Noritz Tankless Water Heaters - Save space, conserve water usage, and last longer than regular water heater tanks.

7. Logix ICF System - Contributes more LEED points than most other building materials. Energy efficient, easy to use, and provides excellent sound resistance.

8. Faux Wood Beams - These are artificial wood beams made of foam. They look identical to a real wood beams but much less expensive and much easier to install.

9. DOW Styrofoam SIS Insulated Sheathing - Provides an excellent source of structural bracing, insulation, and water resistance.

10. Gemstone Walls by Eldorado Stone - Easy to apply stone wall systems transform wine rooms, wellness areas, and family rooms into a retreat with unique, textured, stone walls.

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